Four-Seater Golf Cart, Chattanooga, TN

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We can customize a four-seater golf cart just as we do other types.

It isn’t unusual for four people to get together to go play a round of golf at a course in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area or want to ride together around their gated community. While you could take two carts, if you do this often, an alternative is to invest in a four-seater golf cart. At The Custom Golf Cart Guy, we offer both new and used golf carts, as well as rentals, and we have found that our four-seater golf carts are very popular these days.

Four-Seater Golf Cart, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Since our golf carts are used more for neighborhood driving than on the golf course, it makes sense to have space for your family. Even if you don’t always use all four seats, you’ll have the added space for when you do or to set whatever you might be transporting to the clubhouse or a neighbor’s home.

We can customize a four-seater golf cart just as we do other types, so you can get the personalized ride you envision. We carry a variety of golf cart accessories that are suitable for all styles. We also offer repair services for your four-seater golf cart, so you’ll never have to worry about how to keep your cart in peak condition.

We offer high-quality golf cart rentals to meet your individual needs!

If you don’t always require a four-seater golf cart, you can take advantage of our rentals when the need does come up, such as when you are expecting company for the holidays or have a special event coming up. Expecting a lot of company? No problem, as we have six-seat and eight-seat options too! Reach out today to learn more.