Three Customizations for Golf Carts in 2022

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Three Customizations for Golf Carts in 2022Golf carts are some of the most practical vehicles to have whether you are on or off the golf course. If you want to make sure your golf cart stands out, you may be thinking about some customization options that will make your vehicle more appealing and fun to ride. Here are some of the top customizations for golf carts in 2022:

  1. Custom Theme- One way to give golf carts a bit of personalized flair is to create a custom theme for the body and hood. For example, if you have a favorite sports team, you might want to have the body and hood painted in team colors and add a decal to show off your team spirit. There are endless possibilities for themes for golf carts, so get creative!
  2. Custom Seats- When you’re riding in your golf cart, you want to be comfortable and stylish. Golf carts come with standard seats that are fine for the average user, but if you plan to ride around with regularity, a custom seat may be the way to go. Whether you want to outfit the seat with a special covering or expand it for improved support, a custom seat is a great way to go.
  3. Bluetooth Speakers- With recent advancements in Bluetooth technology, drivers of golf carts benefit from being able to add this technology to their rides. Whether you want to listen to your favorite tunes or take a call while you’re on the golf course, adding Bluetooth is a great way to enhance your golf cart experience.

Of course, there are endless options for accessories for golf carts, such as drink coolers, chrome accents, lift kits, roof racks, and more. The best thing to do when you’re ready to customize your golf cart is give us a call at The Custom Golf Cart Guy, and we’ll help you personalize your ride! See you soon!