How to Take Care of Golf Cart Batteries

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How to Take Care of Golf Cart BatteriesGolf cart batteries are what keep your golf cart going when you want to get out on the road. If you’ve ever experienced a dead battery, you know how frustrating it can be to figure out what to do next. Here are some easy steps you can do to ensure that your golf cart batteries remain in good condition and working well.

  1. Keep Them Clean – Make sure your golf cart batteries are clean, dry, and the top is tight. You can use a simple solution of water and baking soda to scrub the batteries, but make sure to take proper precautions by using rubber gloves and removing jewelry if you choose to do this. You can also add an anti-corrosive spray to the cables.
  2. Charge Properly – Using the proper type of charger is the first step when it comes to keeping your battery life long. Another important thing is not to overcharge the battery because this can have the opposite effect you are looking for (draining the battery life). If you have an automatic charger, you don’t have to worry about getting the proper charge.
  3. Use Often – The best way to maintain your golf cart batteries is to use them often. You’ll want to refresh the charge every 45-60 days and more frequently during the very hot summer months. If you use your golf cart seasonally, have a plan to keep a charger with an advanced storage mode that provides a fresh charge every so often while you are away.

If you have questions about golf cart battery maintenance or need to purchase this golf cart accessory, give us a call at The Custom Golf Cart Guy. We’ll be happy to assist you with all your golf cart maintenance needs!