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Make your ride more comfortable with premium and customizable golf cart seats.

Golf Cart Seats in Chattanooga, TennesseeGolf carts were originally designed to transport golfers across a golf course, but over time, people have realized that these easy-to-use vehicles can serve many purposes. In modern subdivisions and neighborhoods, many people use their golf carts to get around the area or to access on-site amenities like pools, tennis courts and more. Churches, resorts, colleges, and corporations may use golf carts to transport those with mobility challenges or just for convenience.

However you use your golf cart, you probably want to be comfortable while you drive it, and you probably want to make sure your passengers are comfortable too. See us at The Custom Golf Cart Guy, and we can help make your ride more comfortable with premium and customizable golf cart seats. Our goal is that you have the best possible experience while using your golf cart in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area, and we can help customize it to meet your personal needs and preferences.

Our custom golf cart seats can have higher-quality or extra cushions and provide additional comfort. We have a variety of seat kits in stock and custom seat covers ,as well as a whole range of golf cart accessories like heaters, enclosures, lighting, cup holders, custom wheels and more. When you come see us about your golf cart seats, you will appreciate our commitment to customer service. We want to help you build you dream golf cart one component at a time. We can discuss your needs and budget and match you with the perfect new or preowned golf cart. Come see us or give us a call today.